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Hey everybody, this is Tiipoman. Otherwise known as Twindragons35 on our new Minecraft server. Speaking of Minecraft, I have a question for you.

Have you ever wished that this,

looked more like this?

For years I had always wondered how some people made Minecraft look like a masterpiece. I was filled with bitterness because they got to play with their realistic graphics, while all I had was a pitiful excuse for a lighting system! But one day that all changed when I figured out how to install Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders. My whole Minecraft life was radically altered. Suddenly the light was lighter, the water was more watery, and the glass was more glassy! I was full of hope, love, and goodwill towards all stevekind. But I knew I couldn't keep it in, so that day I vowed to tell the whole world about this incredible shader.

Today I'm finally getting around to telling everybody. Anyway, since I have already achieved enlightenment through installing SUES, I will tell you how to get it for yourself.

Step 1. Open up Minecraft and click on account settings. Change the version of Minecraft from latest version to version 1.7.2, then save and click PLAY.

Step 2. Close Minecraft and go to . Once there, download the Installer of the version that says 1.7.2-Latest . When the installer finishes downloading, run the installer, select INSTALL CLIENT, and click Ok. This should work if you have run Minecraft 1.7.2 at least once.

Step 3. Next you will need to download the shadercore. Go to this page to download it .

Step 4. We will need to place the shadercore in the correct location now. Click on your start menu and type %appdata% in the search bar and press enter. Next click on .minecraft . Then drop the shadercore file in the mods folder. If you don't have a mods folder, create one and drop the shadercore in it.

Step 5. If you have downloaded Forge, you should have a new profile in your Minecraft launcher called Forge. Log into your account from that profile and click PLAY. Then go into the Minecraft settings and click on Shaders. Once you have done that, click on "Open Shaderpacks folder". Then copy the ZIPPED version of SUES 10.1 into the folder. You can get that from here, . You should also set "Cloud shadow" to false and "New block breaking" to true on the side tab.

Step 6. After SUES v10.1 has been put in the Shaderpacks folder, you should be able to select it in the shaders menu. Once you have selected SUES v10.1 as your shader, go back the main menu, and start up a world.


Tell me how it works out for you in the comments. We would also love to see your screenshots from our new Minecraft server. Have fun guys!

That's right! We have a minecraft server! Just add "" to your server list and you should be good to go! This is an experiment, so atm we only have 10 player slots. If it is more popular than that we'll get a better server!

If you have any trouble adding the server, or want to make a suggestion you can post a comment below, or I'll see you in-game!

Rodent Rush!
Posted by: SoapCow, 5 years ago - 2 comments

Update: The game is now available on Google Play for your Android devices!
Check it out here:

Hi guys! Hope you've all had a great weekend!

The team here at SoapCow has just launched our first iPhone game Rodent Rush!
It's been a blast to develop and I hope you all will enjoy it as much as we have creating it!

Check out the game's main site here! -> Rodent Rush Main Site!

Poor little Mus the mouse has been abducted by a scientist madman!
Help  the little furball through mazes packed with dangerous lava pits,  
monstrous beetles, locked passages, magical potions, conveyor belts,
and  more on his brave quest for cheese and freedom!

Key features:
* More than 60 levels to beat, with more coming
* Game Center leaderboard support
* Over 30 achievements to earn
* 40+ hats to buy with coins collected in-game
* Purchasable walkthroughs for each level
* Multiple control schemes
* Multiplayer support coming soon

* Hidden Unlockables

Use  your magnificent brainpower to guide fluffy buddy safely through the harrowing
mazes and escape that stinky-face bad guy man with the weird  hair!

** Hint: Play this game with headphones on and enjoy the awesome music! **

Here is a picture of my cat enjoying Rodent Rush! A cat CAN'T be wrong!

Heyo, SoapCowizens.

I wanted to point your painterly portraitable faces towards SoapCow on Twitter and Facebook. Follow us on those sites for the latest news on SoapCow games (including iOS releases), tidbits on development, and maybe the occasional fun-time giveaway (once our apps are for sale), contests, and hooliganisms. It's a good way to say hello and stay involved as well!

Kudo-karma-brownie points if you invite your friends to like and follow too.

A spiffaliffing day to you!

Hi guys! For the first few days of the new site we've seen alot of activity!
Keep it up!

Hope you're liking the games we have so far!

And if you do be sure to give them a star rating! And be honest!
We use your ratings to determine what type of games to deliver and make next!

So get to rating! And keep on Playing!


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